USB Port Locked

Removable storage devices are an incredibly cheap and highly-efficient method of data transfer. This is both good and bad, because not only can you have documents wherever you are without the need of an active Internet connection, but classified documents can also be subject of theft. However, applications such as USB Port Locked promise to do exactly what the name suggests, offering that extra protection you need.

Easy to deploy on your system

With no installation required, the application comes in a pretty light package and can be safely stored on any device capable of storing a few MB. Neither is running it a complicated task, but doing so on the latest Windows versions requires administrator privileges.

Lets you quickly accommodate

Available features are stored in a compact window, with no unnecessary visual elements or anything to make it stand out in the crowd. Two buttons are dedicated to the main function allowing you to easily lock or unlock USB ports.

Leaving a little something to be desired

However, this step must only be done before anything is connected, otherwise nothing happens and full access is granted. What’s more, the application was only capable of blocking storage devices from being used, other peripheral utilities still being usable, even if connected after restrictions were put into effect.

Far from being a pro

Furthermore, you cannot set the application to stay hidden in the system tray, leaving ports a little vulnerable. Moreover, there is no integrated option that lets you add it to startup items, so you have to run it every time you launch Windows.

In conclusion

To sum it up, USB Port Locked is a bit far from being a professional security application of its kind. Sure, its intentions are good and work properly, but the overall design feels a little rough around the edges and you don’t really feel secure. With a little more work though, all of this can change.

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