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Adam Nur FauzanMy name is Adam Nur Fauzan and call me Adam.

Born in Jakarta, March 31, 1996 and i first child of four siblings. I now live in Jakarta and was a student at the University Gunadarma and Founder of Flazz Networks.

For education, I started kindergarten in 2001 at RA Al-Falahiyyah. This was followed by the SD (2002-2008), but I am not in primary school, but in MI (Islamic Elementary School) Al-Falahiyyah.

My junior high school SMPN 43 Jakarta, the location in the beside office Trans TV. Happy three years in junior high school graduation 43, I continue to SMAN 82 Jakarta. In high school it was the one time that I was the most hated.

3 years of graduating from high school (2014), I continue at the University Gunadarma. My choice is the Faculty of Psychology.

My hobby is business and all about computer, I have started since junior high school. I also have other hobbies, namely traveling, precisely hiking (mountain climbing). My last climbing is mountain pangrango on September 23, 2014.

I like all the things that smelled of technology, especially computer technology, starting from elementary school, I really like to learn computer. Not stopping there, I also started to learn very little programming language Visual Basic 6.0. I have a lot of “modifying” the application of the existing source code. You can see all my apps here. Of all the applications that I modification, only one of the most widely downloaded, is USB Port Locked, has been downloaded 140,000 times since I first downloads release in 2010.

One-two years after I was interested in computers (corresponding story above), I began to leave the hobby. Still in junior high, grade 9 junior precisely I opened an online business venture. Related business is still with computers and the Internet.

After that, I had to stop running an online business, at the time of high school, I studied political science and law. In the period Election Jakarta in Jakarta, 2012. I myself become a part of successful team Faisal-Biem Benjamin on the virtual campaign, or commonly called cyber campaign.

After that, I resumed do my online business activities in November 2013, and until now I am still active in the online business. Not only that, for other activities related to computers is still active.

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